A normal guy born and raised in Sweden with bloodlines from Romania. Unfortunately not many people are sharing the opinion that I´m actually a normal guy.

I posted funny videos to my private Facebook page until my friends told me that I should run an own page and so I did. FlowTV was created 2016. Since then I´ve made 300+ videos and now having around 70 000 followers worldwide which I didn`t imagine when I created FlowTV.  I´ve been also doing standups and holding lectures about “humor”.

I warn you, my kind of humor can be a quite dark sometimes. Because of that, I`m getting into troubles for no reason. Yep.

Down here you can see an interview with me, made by Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company (UR), the language is Swedish Sign language with English subtitles.


What can I do?


The deaf community is quite small and weren´t ready for dark humor, but I didn´t care and went allin. The consequences have been huge but an interesting journey that I want to share with you all. The lecture also contains explaining how humor is built up and differences between different kinds of humor. I will customize the lecture after your request!


I offer standups for every age group, also adjusting the show according to your wishes.


Curious about how to make funny videos and what you need to think about, both before posting and after? Then there´s a workshop that let you try making videos by your own.


Wanting to do something funny and spectacular but not sure where to start? Then here I am for you. I´m full of ideas and would love to help you make something funny. Festivals, private party, company party whatever, you name it, I can spice it up a little!

What do you want?

Above all those things, do not hesitate to contact me if there´s something else I can help you with. Well, I´m really openminded but sure there´s still a limit.

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